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Gem Set Bonus

Summary & Stats:
Time13.32My 12d 22h 40m 23s

Hero XP106.45B






Troop Training Gem Set Bonus
Treasury Deposit Boost
Troop Training Capacity V
Mythic Gather Speed
Construction Gem Set Bonus
Research Gem Set Bonus
Monster Gem Set Bonus
Construction II
Hero Attack V
Gem Set Bonus Modifier
Infantry Attack Gem Set Bonus
Ranged Attack Gem Set Bonus
Cavalry Attack Gem Set Bonus
Attack Bonus for all Infantry Troops
Attack Bonus for all Ranged Troops
Attack Bonus for all Cavalry Troops
Troop Defense Gem Set Bonus
Troop Attack Gem Set Bonus
Troop Health Gem Set Bonus
Hospital Healing Speed II
Resource Send and Receive Capacity Increase
Crafting Speed III
Gem Set Bonus Modifier II
Watchtower Debuff
Duration IV
Embassy Defense
Troop Defense V
Troop Attack III
Troop Health IV
Super Wonder Rally Capacity Increase II
Gem Set Bonus Modifier III
Embassy Defense Debuff
Gem Set Selector
Empire Defender Troop Defense
Empire Defender Troop Attack
Empire Defender Troop Health
Infantry Attack Gem Set Modifier
Ranged Attack Gem Set Modifier
Cavalry Attack Gem Set Modifier
Monster Gem Set Modifier
Troop Defense Gem Set Modifier
Troop Attack Gem Set Modifier
Troop Health Gem Set Modifier
Infantry Defense with your Hero
Ranged Defense with your Hero
Cavalry Defense with your Hero
Altar Bonus Duration III
Troop Load
Ultimate Execution Reduction
Infantry Health with your Hero
Ranged Health with your Hero
Cavalry Health with your Hero
Infantry Attack with your Hero
Ranged Attack with your Hero
Cavalry Attack with your Hero
All Rally Size Capacity Increase


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tpy 09-01-2017 11:59please update with the newly added gem set research. thank you.