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2017 Grand Warmaster Mystery Chest
Aether Chest
Agile Duelist Chest
Ancient Ruler Avatar Chest
Anniversary 2 Chest
Anniversary Chest
Anniversary Colossus Chest
Anniversary Fireball Chest
Anubis Warrior Chest
Apollo Chest
April Fools' Chest
Ares Chest
Aries Chest
Atlas Chest
Aura Chest
Bacchus Chest
Barbarian King's Mystery Chest
Behemoth Slayer Chest
Bishamon Chest
Black Friday Chest
Black Friday Cores Chest
Blacksmith Chest
Bounty Hunters Avatar Chest
Bugbear Chest
Calydonian Boar Chest
Carbuncle Chest
Carnival Chest
Celestial Chest
Centurion Chest
Cerulean Knight's Chest
Chancellor Chest
Chaos Chest
Chest of Helms
Chest of Savings
Chimera Chest
Coal Gift
Cockatrice Chest
Colossus Chest
Colossus Dragoon Chest
Colossus Hunter Chest
Colossus Warrior Chest
Common Core Chest
Common Gem Chest
Common Map Piece Chest
Common Material Chest
Common Piece Chest
Core Attack Chest
Core Cavalry Chest
Core Defense Chest
Core Health Chest
Core Infantry Chest
Core Ranged Chest
Crimson Nian Chest
Cronus Chest
Crystal Dragon Chest
Cyclops Relic Chest
Dark Hunter Chest
Dark Knight Chest
Devotion Chest
Dire Deer Chest
Dire Wolf Chest
Divine Commander Chest
Dragon Bone Chest
Dragon King Chest
Dread Angler Chest
Dread Captain Chest
Dungeoneer Chest
Eagle Chest
Elite Marshal Chest
Emerald Dragon Chest
Emerald Dragon Claw Chest
Epic Core Chest
Epic Gem Chest
Epic Map Piece Chest
Epic Material Chest
Epic Piece Chest
Erebus Chest
Ethereal Odin Chest
Exalted General Chest
Executioner Chest
Explorer's Gift
Fenrir Chest
Fire Age Autumn Chest
Fire Age Chest
Fortune Chest
Four Horsemen Chest
Frost Giant Chest
Frostbitten Chest
Frostlord Chest
Gaia Chest
Gemini Chest
General's Chest
Generous Gift
Glacier King Chest
Gladiator Chest
Glorious Architect Chest
Gold Gift
Golden Shogun Chest
Golden Week Avatar Chest
Golden Week Chest
Golem Relic Material Chest
Gorgon Chest
Grand Marshal Chest
Great Heron Chest
Great Leviathan Chest
Griffin Chest
Guardian Cerberus Chest
Guardian Sphinx Chest
Hades Chest
Halloween Chest
Harbinger of Destruction Chest
Harmony Chest
Harpy Chest
Haunted Chest
Haunted Halloween Chest
Headless Horseman Chest
Helios Chest
Hephaestus Chest
Hera Chest
Hermes Winged Chest
Holiday Boots Chest
Holiday Dragon Chest
Hydra Relic Chest
Hyperion Chest
Hypnos Chest
Ice Core Sets Chest
Imperial Dragon Chest
Imperial General Chest
Inquisitor Chest
Irate Rabbit Chest
Iron Colossus Chest
Jade Dragon King Chest
Jiao Dragon Chest
Jorogumo Chest
Joyous Gift
Kosenjobi Chest
Krampus Chest
Lady Justice Chest
Lava Titan Chest
Legendary Gem Chest
Legendary Material Chest
Leo Chest
Leprechaun Trickster Chest
Leviathan Chest
Libra Chest
Lord of Time Chest
Lycan Chest
Magister Chest
Manticore Chest
Maple Leaf Chest
Master Architect Chest
Master Mason's Chest
Memorial Day
Minotaur Relic Chest
Monster Avatar Chest
Monster Hunters Avatar Chest
Monster Slayer's Chest
Monumental Chest
Mother Earth Gift
Mother's Day Chest
Mythic Basilisk Chest
Mythic Behemoth Chest
Mythic Cerberus Chest
Mythic Core Attack Chest
Mythic Core Cavalry Chest
Mythic Core Defense Chest
Mythic Core Health Chest
Mythic Core Infantry Chest
Mythic Core Ranged Chest
Mythic Cyclops Chest
Mythic Destroyer Chest
Mythic Golem Chest
Mythic Griffin Chest
Mythic Minotaur Chest
Mythical Commander Chest
Naga Chest
Nemesis Lord's Chest
New Moon Chest
New Years 2016 Chest
Nian Chest
Nian Lion Chest
Nike Chest
Norse Troll Chest
Northern King Chest
Nyx & Moneta Chest
Obsidian Knight Chest
Oceanus Chest
Odin Chest
Oillipheist Chest
Olympus Chest
Oracle Chest
Orion Chest
Paladin of Sola Chest
Party Gift
Pegasus Chest
Perses Chest
Pirate Avatar Chest
Pisces Chest
Platinum Gift
Poseidon Chest
Power Shaman Chest
Powerforged Chest
Prospector's Chest
Ra Chest
Radiant Marksman Chest
Rare Core Chest
Rare Gem Chest
Rare Map Piece Chest
Rare Material Chest
Rare Piece Chest
Ravenous Harpy Chest
Rhea Chest
Rocket Goblin Chest
Rogue Avatar Chest
Rokurokubi Chest
Ryujin Chest
Salvager's Chest
Samurai Chest
Satyr Chest
Savage Mercenaries Avatar Chest
Serpopard Chest
Shaman Avatar Chest
Side Arms Chest
Silver Gift
Skeleton King Chest
Sovereignty Gift
Sphinx Chest
Spring Holiday Avatar Chest
Spring Holiday Chest
St. Patrick Avatar Chest
Stone Gift
Straggele Chest
Styx Chest
Super Spring Chest
Super Spring Chest
Supreme Exalted General Chest
Supreme Marshal Chest
Thanatos Chest
Thanksgiving Chest
TheLegend27 Chest
Timeless Gift
Titan Crab Chest
Titan Overlord Chest
Triumphant Gift
Troll Jester Chest
Turkey Dragon Chest
Turkey Feather Chest
Uncommon Core Chest
Uncommon Gem Chest
Uncommon Map Piece Chest
Uncommon Material Chest
Uncommon Piece Chest
Undead Dragon Chest
Valiant Knight Chest
Vampire Chest
Vile Hydra Chest
Vindicator Chest
Virgo Chest
Water Dragon Chest
Wendigo Chest
Were Polar Bear Chest
Winter Chest
Winter Gift
Woodland Minotaur Chest
World Turtle Chest
Xena's Epic Chest
Xena's Kunoichi Chest
Xena's Legendary Chest
Xerxes' Elephant Chest
Yahui Chest
Yamata no Orochi Chest
Zeus Chest


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helppp 15-03-2017 20:28how can i find this chest
#930, iX ExoYo Xi 30-01-2017 00:34avatar dark knight
#681, Godlike33 06-01-2017 20:50When does the Xena chest start to show up? I need some gold flakes and demon tails for my Kunai
#932, jas 09-02-2017 10:02get all dagger materials in haunted halloween chests which are more common, especially in hourly events
Yojim 08-12-2016 08:50What chest does the black hero with the long sword and no shirt on come in?yojim
#240, Ember lee 23-11-2016 13:34Need ancient coin
#894, Squirt4daddy 14-11-2016 15:12Could there be a possibility that the drop rate for some of the harder materials to be easier to obtain then normal.
Thanos 01-10-2016 16:49What about the "Midnight Warrior Chest" any idea of its contents?
SilentRiot 23-01-2017 09:29You can get a lot of player icons that you can't get out of normal chest suck as some of the legends like the Valkyrie and warlord icon and you can get the black knight hero, the Valkyrie hero and the warlord hero. There are other icons like one in bounty hunters that I have
IndigoSatin 20-01-2017 23:09cool avatars. I have one, but cannot use it. They don't show up in my list, so I am not sure if I need a hero level higher than 67, or if they are just slow creating a way to use them.
Noises 24-01-2017 17:26There is no midnight warrior list, they are under other headings, need to check all other lists for the avatar
#763, Serena076 15-09-2016 07:47Boss nonstandard where?
#420, THR33 25-08-2016 00:57Where can I find Rainbow Gems?
#69, Sausage 23-08-2016 23:12You're missing Deez Nutz chests.