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A Mystic Dragon Map piece used to assemble a Legendary Mystic Dragon Map.
Ageless Iron
Aloe Vera Leaves
Amber Link
Ancient Cloth
Ancient Coin
Ancient Stylus
Ancient Urn
Angel Essence
Animal Glue
Animal Grease
Anniversary Flame
Antimony Ore
Arcane Incantation
Architect Chisel
Architect's Toolkit
Armor Rings
Ash Wood
Azure Shell
Baby Back Ribs
Bamboo Parchment
Banded Iron Ore
Bat Wing
Battleborn Fabric
Battletorn Claw
Bay Leaves
Beast Pelt
Beastman's Hide
Beetle Carapace
Beige Marble
Black Bismuth
Black Dye
Black Fireball
Black Flame
Black Ice
Black Powder
Black Ribbon
Black Sand
Blacksmith's Prize
Blade Head
Blade Steel Ingots
Blazing Mane
Blessed Cloth
Blighted Tendrils
Blizzard Crystal
Blood Stone
Blue Fireball
Blue Flame
Blue Iris
Blue Mosaic
Blue Ribbon
Bluevein Mineral
Bluevein Stone
Body Figure
Bottled Darkness
Bottled Souls
Bottled Sunfire
Braided Horns
Bramble Thorns
Brass Link
Brass Wire
Brilliant Fabric
Broken Blade Shards
Bronze Armorplate
Bronze Bar
Bronze Bell
Bronze Plating
Bronze Stylus
Bugbear Fur
Building Nails
Burnt Ember
Celluloid Rings
Chain Link Sheet
Champion's Fabric
Charred Cinders
Cherry Blossom
Chromite Ore
Circular Buttons
Clipping Tool
Coarse Fur
Coarse Hair
Construction Cloth
Copper Link
Copper Scales
Copper Spike
Coppered Darkstone
Coral Beads
Cordovan Hide
Corrupted Grasp
Crab Shell
Cracked Divinity Bell
Crimson Felt
Crimson Fireball
Crimson Scales
Crocalisk Poison
Crushed Granite
Crystal Egg
Crystal Powder
Cubic Alloy
Cursed Ashes
Cyclops Eye
Cyclops's Blood
Dark Cloth
Dark Copper Ore
Dark Gold Ore
Dark Lavender
Darkened Hide
Darkstone Ore
Death's Ashes
Demon Ears
Demon Tail
Desert Cactus
Desert Cotton
Diamond Geode
Dire Wolf Fang
Dire Wolf Pelt
Divine Batwing
Divine Batwing Skin
Divine Black Herbs
Divine Braided Leather
Divine Direwolf Pelt
Divine Dragonkin Horns
Divine Golden Feather
Divine Malachite
Divine Monster Eye
Divine Ore
Divine Raven Wings
Divine Sandstone
Divine Snake Skin
Divine Swallow Tail Arrow
Divine Tiger Tooth
Divine Wolf Claw
Down Feathers
Dragon Essence
Dragon Hilt
Dragon Jaw
Dragon Opal
Draped Hide
Dreadlord Fragment
Durable Balteus
Durable Leather Thread
Ears of Acumen
Egg Shells
Elephant Hide
Elephant's Ear
Embellished Husk
Ember Eye
Embroidered Silk
Emerald Geode
Emerald Marble
Enchanted Bolt
Enchanted Powercube
Enchanted Silk
Essence of Algae
Essence of Darkness
Essence of Frost
Essence of Leaf
Essence of Mud
Essence of Rebirth
Essence of Spring
Ethereal Ore
Exalted Batwing
Exalted Black Herbs
Exalted Golden Feather
Exalted Monster Eye
Exalted Steel
Exalted Tiger Tooth
Extravagant Cloth
Eye of Sola
Eyes of Intellect
Fake Gold
Fang of Destruction
Feather Badge
Fiend Jaw
Figure of Courage
Fine Silver Ingot
Fine Silver Powder
Fire Dust
Fire Glass
Fire Rune
Fire Stone
Fire Wisp
Fire-forged Steel
Fireborn Shell
Flame Charm
Flame of Sola
Flanders Poppy
Flask of Poison
Flawless Steel Bar
Force Token
Forest Cloth
Forged Brass
Forgefire Cinder
Forming Chisel
Four Leaf Clover
Fox Fur
Fragment of Night
Frog Amber
Frost Giant Blood
Frozen Essence
Frozen Orb
Frozen Sap
Frozen Soul
Furnace Glass
Gargoyle Fragment
General's Blade
General's Order
Gigantic Eye
Gilded Cloth
Gilded Padding
Glacier Crystal
Glacier Heart
Glowing Parchment
Goat Tooth
Goblet of Souls
Gold Blessing
Gold Ceramic
Gold Fireball
Gold Flake
Gold Flame
Gold Gossamer
Gold Hooks
Gold Leaf
Gold Link
Gold Ribbon
Gold Stud
Golden Magma
Golden Staff Head
Golden Wheat
Golem Eye
Gorgon Snake Venom
Grandmasters Hammer
Granite Slab
Granulated Water
Grassy Glass
Green Dragonscales
Green Fireball
Green Flame
Green Gossamer
Green String
Griffin Beak
Griffin Claw
Griffin Down
Griffin Feather
Griffin Pinions
Grip of Thyme
Hardened Leather
Harpy Egg
Harpy Talon
Haunted Cloth
Heavy Copper Ore
Heavy Lead Ore
Heavy Manganese Ore
Heroic Dust
Heroic Parchment
Heron Feather
Hide of Vigor
Holy Cloth
Hourglass Sand
Hunter's Poison
Hydra Rib
Hydra Venom
Ice Rune
Icicle Heart
Imperial Bronze
Imperial Cloth
Imperial Gold
Imperial Jade
Indigo Dye
Infernal Ashes
Infused Earth
Infused Powder
Iron Link
Iron Ore
Iron Ring
Iron Scraps
Iron Spike
Ironbound Rock
Itching Powder
Key Crest
King's Ore
Krampus Beard
Labyrinth Stone
Lamp of Sola
Lantern of Souls
Large Driftwood
Lava Rock
Lead Ore
Leather Bands
Leather Buckle
Leather Parchment
Leopard Fang
Leviathan Jewel
Life Essence
Lightning Essence
Lightweight Mythril
Lion Fang
Liquid Gold
Liquid Magma
Liquid Obsidian
Living Metal
Lizard Amber
Luck Token
Lupine Energy
Magic Essence
Mammoth Tusks
Manticore Skin Patch
Maple Plank
Master's Spear Tip
Masterwork Chisel
Measuring Stick
Medicinal Roots
Messenger Scroll
Metal Spore
Metallic Spike
Midnight Ore
Mighty Spear Tip
Mind Figure
Minotaur Steel
Molten Boulder
Molten Lava
Molten Metal
Monster Carapace
Moon Essence
Mossy Stone
Moth Amber
Moth Wings
Mother of Pearl
Mummy Wrapping
Mysterious Slime
Mystic Essence
Mystic Steel Bar
Mythic Bone
Mythical Rock
Nemesis Powder
New Year Fleece
Nian Mane
Nordic Gold
Obsidian Geode
Obsidian Ore
Obsidian Rock
Ocean Dust
Old Chisel
Olive Branch
Olive Oil
Onyx Ore
Orange Fireball
Origami Paper
Peacock Feather
Pegasus Symbol
Petrified Azure
Petrified Bark
Pig's Foot
Pink Fireball
Plated Hide
Platinum Dust
Platinum Flakes
Platinum Ore
Pork Rinds
Pottery Clay
Powdered Annihilation
Powdered Jade
Prayer Beads
Pronged Speartip
Pure Silver Crystal
Pure Silver Ingot
Pure Water
Purified Spring Water
Purple Dye
Purple Fireball
Purple Flame
Purple Ribbon
Rabbit Fur
Raven Idol
Raven Stone
Raw Ingots
Raw Leather Scraps
Raw Red Steel
Razor Claw
Razor Fern
Razor Talons
Reaper's Tooth
Red Cloth Strip
Red Dye
Red Fireball
Red Flame
Red Iron Ore
Red Powdered Dye
Refined Dark Steel
Refined Leather Rope
Rice Straw
Ripped Heart
Ritual Incantation
River Rock
River Salt
Roach Amber
Rolled Leather
Royal Blue Cloth
Royal Cloth
Royal Decree
Royal Orders
Royal Silver
Ruby Geode
Rugged Feather
Rusted Chain
Rusted Chains
Saber Fangs
Saber Jaw
Sable Cloth
Sacrificed Bones
Samite Fabric
Sandstone Ore
Sapphire Dye
Savage Emblem
Scaled Tail
Scarlet Silk
Scorpion Amber
Scratched Steel
Seal of Cunning
Seal of Discipline
Seal of Energy
Seal of Power
Seal of Wisdom
Serpent Tail
Shadow Sigil
Shadow Weave
Shaping Chisel
Shining Studs
Silk Cocoon
Silver Fireball
Silver Link
Silver Spool
Silvershine Ore
Silvershine Stone
Silversmith's File
Silversmith's Hammer
Silversmith's Saw
Simple Shillelagh
Skeleton King's Strand
Skipping Stones
Skybound Ore
Skyforged Steel
Smooth Zinc Ore
Snake Fang
Snake Head
Snake Skin
Snake Symbol
Soap Stone
Softened Leather
Soldering Stick
Soul Stone
Spark of Life
Spartan Speartip
Spider Amber
Spider Eyes
Spider's Egg Sac
Spirit of the Wolf
Splinter of Darkness
Spring Water
Stalwart Ore
Star Stone
Steel Oak
Sterling Silk
Stone Fabric
Stone Slab
Sturdy Thread
Summoner Token
Sun Fragment
Sunborn Feather
Supreme Batwing
Supreme Black Herbs
Supreme Flight
Supreme Golden Feather
Supreme Monster Eye
Supreme Tiger Tooth
Swamp Herb
Tainted Blood
Tattered Fabric of Fate
Tea Leaves
Tear of Ice
Thick Fur
Thick Leather
Thief's Lucky Coin
Titan's Ore
Titanium Scraps
Tome of Genius
Tome of Prestige
Tome of Reason
Tome of Status
Tome of Wealth
Trapped Soul
Trunk of the War Elephant
Tuft of Hair
Tumultuous Orb
Turkey Feather
Turquoise Fireball
Turtle Skull
Ultimate Batwing
Ultimate Black Herbs
Ultimate Golden Feather
Ultimate Monster Eye
Ultimate Tiger Tooth
Underworld Iron
Unforged Ore
Unforged Steel
Unicorn Horn
Unrefined Leather
Untreated Fabric
Venom Fangs
Verdant Crystal
Verdant Moss
Vile Wrapping
Void Essence
Warped Tail
Warrior Clasp
Weaving Grass
Weighted Band
White Fireball
White Flame
White Gold Bar
White Rose
Wolf Ears
Wolf Paws
Wolf Skin
Wolf Tail
Wooden Beads
Wooden Stake
Wraith Claw
Wretched Scales
Wrought Iron
Wrought Iron Bar
Wyrm Eye
Wyrmsoul Remnant
Yahui Claw
Yellow Fireball
Yellow Leaf
Zen Pebble

Ancient Relics

Canine Jaw
Chain Link
Cloven Hoof
Coarse Rust
Curved Fang
Cyclops Bone
Dragon Bone
Dragon Scale
Dragon Tear
Dragon Tooth
Fused Alloy
Infected Saliva
Iridescent Scale
Marble Column
Minotaur Horn
Ribbed Fin
Rough Wool
Severed Tail
Spike Collar

Dungeon Equipment

Bone Ash
Brass Ring
Burlap Sack
Cave Mushroom
Chainlink Piece
Dungeon Stone
Flax Seeds
Leather Straps
Metal Orb
Metal Strips
Rivet Spikes
Stepping Stone
Turtle Shell


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gem 06-04-2017 22:35How do you get the black seal
Bloodgeyser 13-11-2016 19:06when if ever will prospector gear be available? those lucky enuf to get in on that hold a distinct gathering edge and shield
Hunter 09-08-2016 09:54Any idea how do we get material related to Prospectors gear, i do not find these materials in any sale, nor in any infernos.
i have kept my eyes on almost all sales and infernos last 3 months.
1 prospector weapon sometimes appear in AC bazaar,, but nothing else
Please suggest.
#420, SKY 22-04-2016 20:34Was going to craft The no hero infantry attack cores, the Chest ,Feet and first accessory equipment require Silver Scales pieces. I looked in the list of GOW materials and there is no such material. Is this a typo? Please reply ASAP. Thanks
#771, Nick 31-08-2016 14:26Nope. Silver Scales is there.
ByMZ 26-05-2016 19:11Look in Cores and Pieces, NOT Materials
#148, warboy 15-02-2016 11:54Summoner Token needs added to this list