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Battle Marks

Summary & Stats:
Time492.79My 121d 20h 30m 54s

Hero XP1.31T




Troop Attack vs Battle Marked Target
Increase Battle Mark Target Limit
Empire Defender Troop Attack II
Empire Defender Troop Defense II
Empire Defender Troop Health II
Infantry Defense with Hero III
Ranged Defense with Hero III
Cavalry Defense with Hero III
Increase Battle Mark Duration
Infantry Health with Hero III
Ranged Health with Hero III
Cavalry Health with Hero III
Troop Training Capacity VII
Return March Speed II
Troop Load II
Trap Attack II
Trap Defense II
Infantry Attack with Hero III
Ranged Attack with Hero III
Cavalry Attack with Hero III
Troop Health Debuff vs Battle Marked Target
Infantry Attack vs Battle Marked Target
Ranged Attack vs Battle Marked Target
Cavalry Attack vs Battle Marked Target


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