Aspect of Infinity

A fragment of infinity, both piece and whole.

Equipment TypesPiece
EventOrion 2015
ChestsTurkey Dragon (2015), Orion (2015), Carnival
Hit from the chests
MonstersTurkey Dragon

Item Statistics

Wild Infantry Attack2.25 - 2.7%4.55 - 5.46%7.36 - 8.83%11.75 - 14.1%17.95 - 21.54%25 - 30%
Infantry Attack2.25 - 2.7%4.55 - 5.46%7.36 - 8.83%11.75 - 14.1%17.95 - 21.54%25 - 30%
Strategic Infantry Attack2.25 - 2.7%4.55 - 5.46%7.36 - 8.83%11.75 - 14.1%17.95 - 21.54%25 - 30%

Similar (have all of the above boosts)

Chronicles of Ajax
Elixir of Strength
Hades' Grimoire
Ornate Scabbard
Vase of Sea Water
Valhalla's Blessing
Ornate Hilt
Frost Kissed Edge
Wolf's Teeth
Toy Cactus
Venomous Snake
Sinner's Remains
Black Pearl
Fire Orb
Silver Rod
Nail Stake
Harpy Cuff
Bottled Starlight
Heart of the Mountain
Manticore Pin
Star Sigil
Cicada Jewel
Lacquer Box
Broken Handle
Bowl of Maggots
Ruby Heart
Soul Shards
Fulgurite Ore
Sign of Leo
Fate's Die
Cooked Turkey Scales
Undead Tail
Soldier Ration
Unwritten Slab
Molten Hate
Nike's Prize
Axe Head
Torture Tool
Eternal Flame
Omega Symbol
Mystic Chime
Battle Tactics
Golden Feathers
Petrified Spider
Bottled Souls
Sake Bottle
Gold Eagle Coin
Acidic Liquid
Hephaestus Ore
Black Acorn
Destruction Essence
Spirit Wisp
Broken Promises
Gift From Zeus
War Baton
Enchanted Abacus
Bottled Disease
Solar Light
Emerald Crystal
Victory Medallion
Rusted Coin
Lightning Dust
Boatman's Collection
Apollo Tribute
Corrosive Acid
Black Curtains
Silver Scales
Emerald Spines
Cloth Button
Fate Cutters
String of Fate
Eternal Chains
Impaler of Demons
Growth Glyph
Crystal Glass
Emerald Claws
Empty Shell
Shoulder Plates
Taurus Mane
War Elephant Tusk
Siphoned Power
Molten Bronze
Ancient Prophecy
Voidal Incantation
Funeral Offering
Pile of Ash
Fish Bones
Slayer Spike
Razor Claws
Symbol of Success
Meteor Fragment
Great Lobster Tail
Bottled Anger
Fate Essence
Watchful Eyes
Fortune Sticks
Chaos Plate
Runestone of Power
Colossus Fragment
Sulfuric Dust
Mini Seer Tower
Elysium Cloth
Blessed Feathers
Rainbow Coral
Wooden Staff
Braid of Enyo
Flight Essence
Jackal's Protection
Lime Plaster
Perdition Candle
Aether Essence
Spider Venom
Triumph Trophy
Medusa Scale
Fire Scroll
Elegant Red Ribbon
Silver Lyre String
Antique Spearhead
Lost Wheel
Sigil of Power
Vigil Candle
Living Essence
Solar Key
Ethereal Stone


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