Complete Champion Research and Dominate in the Kingdom of Champions!
Complete Champion Research and Dominate in the Kingdom of Champions!

Complete Champion Research and Dominate in the Kingdom of Champions!


Warrior, seize the new Age when you enter the Kingdom of Champions!

This Battle is going to be intense, so make sure you brush up on all of the knowledge you need to Annihilate the competition with Champion Research.

Complete the Champion Research Tree to get these one of a kind benefits!

Universal Benefits:

  • 5T Solo March Size Increase
  • 2.5T Solo Trap March Size Increase
  • 25T Rally March Size Increase
  • 12.5T Rally Trap March Size Increase
  • 10K% Multi-Kill
  • 100MT% Massacre Attack
  • 50KTTT% Troop Attack
  • 50KTTT% Legion Attack
  • 50KTTT% Calvary Attack
  • 100KTTT% Rally Attack
  • 50KTTT% Mobile Trap Attack
  • 1KTTT% Onslaught Attack
  • 25KTTT% Attack Debuff
  • 250MT% Resolute Defense
  • 3MT% Troop Defense
  • 3MT% Legion Defense
  • 3MT% Calvary Defense
  • 100.1MT% Troop Defense Debuff
  • 100.1MT% Legion Defense Debuff
  • 100.1MT% Calvary Defense Debuff
  • 4.13BT% Defense Annihilation
  • 200BT% Unstoppable Attack
  • 100MTTT% Rally Health
  • 200TTT% Troop Health
  • 200TTT% Legion Health
  • 200TTT% Calvary Health
  • 50MTTT% Mobile Trap Health


Additional Chamption Kingdom Benefits:

  • 210KTTT% Troop Attack
  • 210KTTT% Rally Attack Bonus
  • 210KTTT% Mobile Trap Attack Bonus
  • 10MT% Troop Defense
  • 10MT% Enemy Troop Defense
  • 420MTTT% Rally Health
  • 210MTTT% Mobile Trap Health
  • 105TTT% Troop Health


Additional Champion Kingdom Benefits in the Forest:

  • 1MTTT% Troop Attack
  • 1MTTT% Rally Attack Bonus
  • 1MTTT% Mobile Trap Attack Bonus
  • 50MT% Troop Defense
  • 50MT% Enemy Troop Defense
  • 2BTTT% Rally Health
  • 1BTTT% Mobile Trap Health
  • 105TTT% Troop Health


Now is the time to prepare for the Battle of your life! Use this Research to Annihilate your enemies to be immortalized in the Champion’s Monument Building!


To help get the advantage over your enemies, make sure that you visit the Gold Store to stock up on Champions Strength, Champions Wisdom, and Champion’s Fortitude! These will be very helpful in progressing your way through your Champion Research!



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